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Learning a language can be a hard process. Hiring a tutor or taking classes can both be expensive and time consuming, and can easily lead to low motivation. More and more people are turning towards their home computers to learn a new language such as Spanish.

You can now inexpensively download lots of very good learning systems that enable you to study when you want and wherever you want! How about sitting in the garden in the sun, with your laptop and favourite drink, whilst learning Spanish in a fun and exciting way.

We think the following systems are the only ones worth considering, most having good reputations and a big customer base, proving they actually do what they advertise.

Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish is an interactive learning programme that is available to buy instantly via download. It’s creator, Mauricio Eviampieff, has designed the programme to provide very fast results for people serious about learning Spanish from the comfort of their own home. The whole package is very well presented and really makes you feel as if you money has been well spent. Rocket Spanish is by far the best and most user friendly Spanish learning programme available for download.

BONUS: FREE 6-Part Mini Spanish E-course! ($37 Value).

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Learning Like Crazy

Learning Like Crazy is an ok second choice, using similar techniques to Rocket Spanish. Not a bad system in any way, but slightly less intuitive that Rocket Spanish. It’s CD package is also the most expensive on offer here and this is because of the shear volume of CD’s you get – 50 in all, way too many to be messing around with in our opinion.

BONUS: FREE 2 x MP3 lessons for subscribing to newsletter.

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Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish has the weakest approach to self learning. You get what you pay for and we certainly wouldn’t recommend this product.

BONUS: FREE TRY-OUT; E-book Chapters, Flashcards, Audio Lessons.

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