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You just bought a brand new computer! Maybe you have had a computer before and maybe this is your second or third computer. The one thing you don’t want, is to have all those nasty virus and spyware problems you hear about. This is the time to think ahead to make you online experience one without constant hassles.

You should realize that while you are unpacking your new machine, there are people all over the world who are plotting to spoil your computer with malicious, well-thought out plans. Your computer will endure attacks moments after you go online. This is why we all have to use antivirus protection. You and I just have no choice. The single most important program on your computer is your anti virus program. And, it should be a really good one. Everything on your computer, from your valuable software, your work, to your personal financial records is constantly at risk.

Getting up to date, important information about the latest security threats is crucial. Alot of anti-virus software is quickly out of date and therefor useless. The following programs we have reviewed offer the best, consistent barrier between your computer and malicious hackers. With a proper anti-virus system in place you will never contract a virus. You can surf the Internet safely, read your emails and download files without being worried about viruses.

Micro Anti-Virus

One of the worlds most trusted anti-virus programs. The Micro Anti Virus site is safe and very easy to use. It will eliminate all viruses/adware/spyware currently on your computer and provides complete round the clock protection against over 67,000 known viruses/worms etc. As a Micro Antivirus customer, you benefit from the expertise of Micro Antivirus Anti Virus Emergency Response Team (AVERT), an international research team that detects the latest computer virus threats and ensures that your computer remains virus-free. The price includes FREE popup blocker software too!


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The Shield Deluxe

Using Hauri® technology, which accurately detects and repairs viruses with its fully optimized and separated engine for Macro, Script and Windows viruses. It is distinguished from the other Antivirus tools by its high-speed scanning capability. It also scans and cleans email messages on a real time basis before they ever reach your computer. The Shield Delux system is another great product. Very easy to use and uses very little system resources. After you install there is no need to reboot, the software activates immidiately. It will protect against all virus, spyware and adware threats. There is free phone and email support should you need it.


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PRICE* $69.95 $39.95 $49.99 $39.99
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SPYWARE DETECTION/REMOVAL websites review tick websites review tick
REALTIME PROTECTION websites review tick websites review tick
ADWARE DETECTION/REMOVAL websites review tick websites review tick
FIREWALL SOFTWARE websites review tick  
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FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT websites review tick websites review tick
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