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What should you do to make internet domain registration a reality? The first step in gaining an internet presence is to have a domain name. With so many advertisements for internet domain registration and hosting agencies, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should do to get your website up and running and out where everyone can get to it.

The first step in your internet domain registration is to choose a domain name. The name you choose can be just about anything you want, as long as it is not already taken. The rules are not complicated for what is allowed. You must use only letters, numbers, and or hyphens and is limited to 70 characters. However, you should consider fewer characters so that people will be able to remember the domain name.

The next step is to determine where you are going to perform your internet domain registration. All domains must be registered, and that can only be done by a certified registrar. There are, literally, hundreds of certified registrars out there that can do an internet domain registration for you. They amount they charge for their service can vary a great deal as well. These companies are closely regulated, but they are allowed to offer internet domain registration through third party companies. If you do choose to act through a third party registrar though, you will likely pay more money.

In most cases, internet domain registrations is for at least a year. If you like, though, you are allowed to register your domain name for up to 10 years at a time. The majority of companies charge you less per year for a longer registration. So if you are positive you are going to be on the web for a while, you may want to consider a multiple year internet domain registration. In addition, you will find that if you register a large number of different domain names, you can save money as well. With that in mind, if you do have several domains, it can be very cost effective to transfer all of the names to one registrar. Check them all out first, though, and find out who will offer you the best deal.

Author: J.Brightmore

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