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What is Google Adwords. Well, in short, it’s a way to get instant placement in the SERPS (search engine results pages) by bidding on keywords and phrases. The beauty of this is instant traffic to your website, resulting in increased exposure and sales.

Google now make billions from their unique advertising system, and have become the market leaders in the PPC (pay per click) industry. Anyone can set-up an Adwords account. If you are planning to sell affiliate products, you don’t even need a website. Using a direct linking strategy, you can sell other peoples products quite efficiently by using Adwords.

The system works by producing a list of ‘sponsored results’ to the right hand side of a Google results page. When someone clicks on an Adwords ad, it costs the advertiser whatever they are bidding for that particular keyword/phrase. There is a complex algorithmic system that also helps advertisers reduce the cost of their advertising. This is called ‘Quality Score’ and is part of Google’s drive to make all their search results ultra relevant.

If your ads are highly relevant to the searchers needs, you will pay less per click and achieve a higher placement in the sponsored results. Many people don’t even realise they can significantly reduce their costs by embracing certain quality score techniques.

Author: J.Brightmore

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